Frequently Asked Questions

From HCMS Clients

Is a billing service more expensive than an in-house biller?

NO – Not only will you have more room in your office for the actual practice of medicine, but you avoid the other costs of an employee incl. vacation, taxes, benefits, etc. And your income is likely to increase. Our clients on average see a minimum 10% increase in revenue when they begin using HCMS services vs. in-house billing. Many clients have a much more dramatic increase!

Doesn’t having a staff biller protect my practice more than outsourcing?

NO – Separating the two creates strong “checks and balances” and actually prevents opportunities for embezzlement or accounting mistakes. Additionally, your cash flow does not stop if you have employee absentee-ism, vacations and other interruptions in your billing cycle.

What can you provide that an employee cannot?

In today’s fast moving world of medicine, insurance and compliance, most medical offices cannot afford the software and education to keep up with all the changes. That is our business – HCMS stays current on rules, requirements and regulations, and helps steer you be a compliant, solvent, LUCRATIVE practice. We know how to deal with audit letters and recoups, and help our client practices avoid large financial recoups. This happens more than you may think – and often in-house billers don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to be effective!

Should I contract with “fill-in-the-blank” Insurance company?

We can help you evaluate if it is financially worthwhile to be a contracted provider with an insurance company, and (if so) help you with successfully navigating the contracting process.

How important is compliance? What do I need to do to make sure everyone in the office understands HIPAA and keeps my liability at a minimum?

Compliance is the cornerstone of a lucrative, long-term practice. Your staff may not understand you are at a HUGE risk. We can help you take steps to protect your practice AND your patients’ privacy.