Subscription Business Services

Whether its accounts payable, human resources or coordination of your “financial team”, our Subscription Services are an efficient, affordable and effective way to complete your business tasks. We coordinate your finance-related advisors to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal: your fiscal success. And we guide you through the often tedious, sometimes difficult, tasks of medical practice human resources – freeing you and your staff to focus on patient care.

To increase your practice performance, we meet regularly with each client to review the practice and discuss areas of growth opportunity. Monthly spreadsheets detail our results and highlight timely issues. HCMS also offers medical practice consulting services in the areas of Medical Practice Marketing, Physician Contracts, Physician Credentialing and Medical Practice Contracts.

What do HCMS Clients get with our Subscription Services?

For HCMS clients who subscribe to these services, we are just a phone call (or email or text) away for ANY business question. Download our examples of HCMS subscription client questions, each practice is unique so each answer depends on the client’s practice. Do you have business questions?

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Our expert, cost-effective services include:

Financial Team Coordination: Establish long-term financial goals for the medical practice and liaise between team members including Accountant, Pension Administrator, Financial Planner, Insurance Broker, Investment advisor and Bankers.

Practice Human Resources: Create employee handbook and guidelines for the practice that are compliant with federal and state labor laws.

Compliance: Work with your team to create a Compliance Plan, and implement , direct and monitor the appropriate training programs and documentation for your staff.  Provide periodic chart audits to support your billing compliance efforts.

Efficiency: Analyze systems, make recommendations, provide training to improve and enhance your productivity.

Our practice has engaged the billing and consulting services of Kris Jones and HCMS for over 25 years. She is a fierce champion for doctors wrangling with the increasing complexities of private practice. “Experience-Expertise-Integrity-Determination-Results-Value” is not just their motto. It’s a battle cry!